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Resident challenges wind information

Resident challenges wind information

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Ashley Urkoski, Page County

As a citizen of Page County attending the BOS meeting on Oct 6th, 2020. I think it is time for Page County to become aware of what is going on in the County with standing board of supervisors. The BOS published an article on Sept 22, 2020 in the local newspaper making statements on wind. Research done by the public, they have been able to find misleading information in this article. Their article states “we had no regulations for wind in the county to protect citizens before the passing of the ordinance in October 2019. Which would cover setback and maximum noise level for county residents.” THIS IS COMPLETELY FASLE! If you refer back to a zoning ordinance that was passed in 1997 for Page County! This ordinance gives every citizen in this county protection from wind with the right to still be able to sign a lease with the wind company by going through the right channels of the county, while also protecting farm land and non-participating land owners from becoming industrialized. The ’97 ordinance, Section 10.3/ 1. Nosie from any assembling or manufacturing process shall be inaudible 200ft from the industrial boundary. 2. Ground vibration caused by any use shall be imperceptible at the boundary of the property. 4. Unusual light produced by or necessary to, any use shall not be noticeable at the boundary of the lot involved. This ’97 zoning ordinance can be found on the internet. The BOS also states “with towers standing as tall as 300ft the board closely evaluated the distance a tower would need to be away from the nearest structure.” Once again this is misleading information and outdated information. Currently in 2020 the towers range anywhere from 400 to 650ft. The BOS has called out citizens in their meetings about comments being only emotional invested. In their article one could say the BOS member’s emotion and opinion is brought out about noise factors. As supervisors working for Page County Citizens I would think their opinion should respectfully be left at the door. As a life citizen of this county I’m wondering who our three supervisors work for and why they are glorifying themselves in their article about protecting all property rights. Page County already had a 1997 ordinance in state that would have made the wind companies come fair to all neighbors and protect all citizens.

Editor’s Note: Due to the age of the information referred to in this letter, Page County Newspapers could not obtain and research documents to properly fact check this letter.

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