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Decide whom you will serve

Decide whom you will serve

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Karen Perala, Clarinda

I was at my precincts caucus location on Monday night. I looked around room and saw several of the pastors that live in my precinct there but not all of them. My thought is shame on those pastors that did not attend. It is their response ability to be there.

Some may say why are they responsible to be there? If it had not been for many of the clergy at the time of the Declaration of Independence was being drawn up plus being part of the Constitutional Convention we would not have the great nation of USA that many have enjoyed for over 200 years.

Have you looked at the picture of the men who were in the room when these important documents were signed? Can you name the people in the picture? Can you name their occupation? You can go to Wallbuilders website and learn about them. Most of the men that were there were clergy or had been trained to be clergy. Many served their communities in the governing of that community and state plus were presidents of universities. Yes a number had law degrees but not all served as lawyers. In most history classes you only hear about seven of them but there were 55 to 74 men who were part of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention.

Lots of history classes today leave out the reason why so many first came to North America. Because of religious oppression in Europe many left Europe to come to the New Land. In Europe the church was financed by the government. So if one wanted to belong to a different denomination than the one supported by the government that group was oppressed. But when the New Nation fought for independence from Great Britain the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that no one denomination would be supported by the government. That is why we have the First Amendment in the Constitution.

So I again ask why as you a member of the clergy not taking part in the governing process of the USA? Who do you serve? God or man?

Joshua 24:15

But maybe you don’t want to serve the lord. You must choose for yourselves today. You must decide whom you will serve. You may serve the gods that your people worshiped when they lived on the other side of the Euphrates River. Or you may serve the gods of the Amorites who lived in this land. As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

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