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Voter stresses importance of election

Voter stresses importance of election

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Dee Zanders, Shenandoah

Very soon U.S. citizens will be asked to vote on who will be our president for the next four years. In fact many have already voted.

In all the elections in which I have voted in my 82 years of life, this may be the most important election in my life - maybe in the history of our country.

Our current president, Donald Trump, is abrasive to many people and I would be telling a lie if I didn’t say I don’t agree with him on some points, but then I don’t agree with many other people all the time.

But I hope everyone will weigh their choices, carefully, before casting their vote. One side, the Democrats, lean strongly toward having a socialistic society. They want things free for ALL people - education and medical insurance being first and foremost. It makes me ask, “Have they not learned anything from what Venezuela did?”

Personally, I a firm believer (as a Christian) that God gave each one of us the various abilities and talents we possess and He expects us to use these abilities and talents for our good and the good of others. There are some people who are unable to help themselves, let alone helping others, and I can have all the compassion in the world for those people.

I would ask you, “Where in the world has socialism worked?” Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.” Ask yourself this question, “Do I want to run my own life or do I want the government to run my life? When has the government run anything better than the private sector - let alone the lives of individuals?

Think, also, about what the Democrats want to do with our borders. Open borders!!! Are you kidding? I am not against people from any country coming to the U.S.A. - legally. But here are many reasons to be concerned about open borders. Why do they want to come the U.S.A.? What are they bringing with them - drugs, disease, guns, etc.

Another point to ponder is the approach Democrats want to take with oil, natural gas, and coal. Some want to do away with automobiles, airplanes, etc.. Think of the consequences of that!!!

I hope you will consider these points before voting.

Let’s re-elect Donald J. Trump!

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