After hearing the local, state, national and global news daily regarding the virus threat, evenings at home are intended to keep the news story of the decade, so far, at a social distance.

Mental health status of virtually everybody has also been an issue during this pandemic. Finding something healthy to do to not be dragged down by the anxiety or depression from virus news is strongly encouraged.

Watching television may not be healthy to all but I have not been committed to watching television shows in many years. Many. I just never developed the part in my brain to attach to shows.

The virus threat has moved me to do something to not think about COVID-19 while at home. I was hoping to follow Major League Baseball, but the virus has suspended that, and all of the other sports, too. So I still keep the television as an option.

I have watched a few episodes of “Kim’s Convenience,” a comedy on Netflix. A Korean family in Toronto owns a typical convenience store with plot twists added by the college-student daughter and estranged son who works at a car-rental chain. The father comes across as a modern, milder version of Archie Bunker from the 1970s hit series “All in the Family.”

It’s a comfortable distraction for me for the half-hour show.

But I don’t want all of my distractions to be from a screen. Warmer weather and later sunsets have provided some opportunities to walk the neighborhood. Being cooped up behind an office most of the day, taking an evening walk is appreciated as it is some sort of exercise.

I have shelves of multiple books that need to be read, or read again. I also have an e-reader with a library. I prefer the classics or travel stories.

As for the travel books, it’s fascinating for me to see how people cross the country either for their own sense of accomplishment or for a worthy cause. What helps is if those people have been to places I’m familiar. “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat-Moon is my favorite, right now.

And some nights just deciding what to do, without actually making a decision, is enough of a distraction for me.

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