Now I’m questioning the numbers and the COVID-19 test procedures.

I know someone who lives in Polk County and works at a long-term health care facility where there are multiple virus cases.

As expected, staff has been required to also test for the virus. The person I know, as of last week, had all the expected virus symptoms including fever and loss of taste and smell. His test was initiated May 15. Results came back Tuesday (a day later than advertised) and were negative.

But he still has the symptoms. Speculation is there is a certain time frame when the virus can be detected in a person. The timing of the symptoms doesn’t matter.

Yes, the person I know is only one case but it’s enough to make me think how accurate are the confirmed number of cases each day and the testing procedure itself. Are there more people with the virus than what is stated?


Speaking of tests…

Council Bluffs finally made the list as a Southwest Iowa location for Test Iowa. It will be up and running soon.

As Iowa continues to fight the spread of COVID-19, it was a bit harder for southwest Iowa residents to do just that as there wre no Test Iowa site locations in our corner of the state. According to the website, sites are in Des Moines, Waterloo, Sioux City, Cedar Rapids, Denison, Davenport, Ottumwa and Storm Lake.

It’s not a criticism toward hospitals in Clarinda, Shenandoah and Red Oak which can offer virus testing. If state officials are wanting the entire state to do its part to stop the spread of the virus, those same state officials should show more interest in all corners of the state .

Hot spots matter. So does the entire state.

As of Monday, May 18, 12 Southwest Iowa counties had a total of 65 cases plus the 172 in Pottawattamie County, where Council Bluffs is located.

Someone in Page County would have to travel some 90 miles to Denison, the closest Test Iowa site. Storm Lake and Des Moines are the other two closest, 130 and 120 miles, respectively.

“We can’t test everyone, but we’ll prioritize testing for those who currently have symptoms, have interacted with someone who has already tested positive, or have recently visited places where COVID-19 is more widespread. We’ll confirm a time slot for your test and direct you to a drive-through testing location,” reads the Test Iowa site.

Southwest Iowa has cases, not as many as other quadrants of the state, but a case is a case.

What is happening in Pottawattamie County should be the reason why Southwest Iowa needs a site.


We are grateful for the support we had for our annual graduation section in last week’s paper. The message from Clarinda High School Principal Denise Green was a perfect fit. These kids will have something that won’t be forgotten.

Clarinda Lutheran School officials told us over the weekend they are planning on getting us a picture of the eighth-graders who have finished their education.

I do wonder about the future of high school class reunions. We’ve already had notices of alumni reunions from Braddyville and New Market won’t be held this year because of the virus, but plans are to have them next year.

I have a class reunion that ends in 0 next year. I hope it’s better attended than the last one as the influence of social media may have been a strong reason why people didn’t show up.

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